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Viva Augusto Restaurant is situated on the banks of the Incomati river. This is a must at any time of the day as the peace and tranquility of its location and views are unmatched to any other restaurant on this side of the Island. Immersed in nature, at dusk you will bare witness to the delectable sunsets over the River with the faint whisper of the waves of the ocean close by. Viva Augusto, named after the infamous Senhor Augusto who’s values of bringing joy to people are still evident through this bonding and delightful gastronomical experience. We aim to create a connection for our guests and patrons through a culinary journey by our experienced and long standing chefs.

We can accommodate approximately 70 people in our outdoor Palhotas and approximately 30 people indoors.

bar & Palhotas

Monday - Sun 9am - 8pm

Our outside seating area is ideal for relaxing and enjoying meal whilst being able to keep an eye on your children as they enjoy the swimming pool and other fun activities close by. Enjoy your favourite drink at our indoor bar over a game of pool.

Coração de Oceano

Opening Soon...

Our Beach Cafe has the best Views in town

Our Beach Cafe is being upgraded (updates on the opening date will be posted soon)