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Comfortable Rooms

Our accommodation is set in harmony with nature. We believe that when this is achieved, everything falls to its place – this is the very least you’ll experience by choosing to stay here.

Best Food

Everything needed for creating a special and unique gastronomic experience to delight your taste buds is available at our Viva Augusto and Beach Cafe Restaurants.

Quality Service

One of the basic requirements for any kind of travel experience is quality, and here every thing has been considered for your comfort, satisfaction and memorable experience.

Our Heritage

A look back at where we started

His…Story. A touch of history on were it all began. Macaneta Holiday Resort as it was known back then was the first resort  to open on the Macaneta Peninsula and came to life through a dream of a fisherman, Mr Dalpate Ambaramo more famously know on the Island as Senhor. Augusto. His spent his young adult life as a fisherman navigating the Macaneta Peninsula’s Indian Ocean and the Incomati River in the early 1960’s. The idea of building a beach resort was a natural one due to his inherent hospitable charm. This dream of Senhor. Augusto was to be realised by his son after his after his passing. Mr Americo, set to work despite many obstacles and brought his fathers dream to life. Mr Americo and his faithful team managed the family run resort for 30 years evolving and growing it with each passing year. They still maintained the strong foundations and values of loyalty, trust and bringing joy to peoples lives that was instilled by Senhor. Augusto, which to this day keeps his memory alive.

Our friendly staff

Personalised Service for your Convenience

Our friendly and experienced staff are here to ensure your comfort and pleasure for the duration of your stay. Many have been with us since the early days and continue to support Macaneta Beach Resort with dedication and commitment to the well being of our guests.

Supporting our Local community

Mbenguelene Island Community development Project

Mbenguelene Association is a Mozambican Association for the Protection and Sustainable Development of Mbenguelene Island. Our latest community executive plan in action is contributing to the construction of a school for the community. On the 9th of May we initiated work on the first phase of the foundation of the Ambenguelene building, which will built as 3 classrooms in Mbenguelene along the Incomati River in the Marracuene District. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the number of participants were limited. The photos below depict the initiation of the project.

It was indeed an auspicious occasion having representation by community leaders and the founder of Macaneta Beach Resort, Mr. Américo Dalpate collaborating on this much needed initiative. Support and contributions are welcomed which will be channeled into construction materials – coordinate through numbers 820000005 | 870000005 Joao Das Neves or through transfer to bank account No. 353619903 at Millennium Bim – NIB: 0001 0000 0035 3619 9035 7 in the name of * Mozambique Angels *

As soon as conditions permit, we will launch further action and hope that can we can count on your support, for the further development of this project. This initiative will be conducted under the leadership of the Director of Ambenguelene – Mozambican Association for the Protection and Development of Mbenguelene Island – in partnership with Mozambique Angels  and other projects.

We will Act. 

Inner peace is achieved with balance.

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