Eco Center

De Macaneta Beach Resort

"Villa Ambaramo"

Casa De Vidro

Casa De Vidro means Glass House.
This is the first fully sustainable eco friendly home to be constructed in Macaneta

In June of last year, Macaneta Beach Resort partnered with Repensar an Environmental Education Cooperative in Mozambique led by Dr. Carlos Serra a renowned environmentalist, to bring to life the vision of establishing an Eco Center at the Resort.

Its mission is to address the current environmental challenges that we are facing on the Macaneta Peninsula and surrounding areas and to provide education and raise awareness on the global environmental crisis that we face on our planet.

This project includes the construction of a fully sustainable Eco-friendly building (Casa De Vidro/Villa Ambaramo) made from glass bottles in place of bricks which have been collected as part of various clean-up initiatives in the local area. This unique building is solar-powered and makes use of water collected through rainwater harvesting. This building serves as living quarters and contains a kitchen, restroom and meeting room for the project team and is open to visitors to view and gain an understanding of sustainable living.


Since its early days, Macaneta Beach Resort has been involved in initiatives that support and uplift the local community and care deeply for their beautiful natural surroundings and in preserving and protecting their natural habitat.

Senhor Augusto (Founder) would prepare meals at his little snack shop in the early 1970’s to share with the local fisherman as and when he could afford it.
Every year on Children’s day the 1st of June MBR provides food to the children in the community, an initiative that has been going on for over 30 years.
Supplies for the restaurant such as fresh vegetables and fish are purchased from local farmers and fishermen to contribute to their livelihood.
MBR supports the local artists and craftsmen such as budding artist Ania, by buying some of her works, donating art material, and promoting her work on our social media platforms.

The Ambaramo family believes that the environment has provided so much and that it is time to give back. This natural inclination towards Eco-tourism was solidified in March 2020 and began the transition towards an establishment that supports environmental sustainability to give much-needed help to its natural surroundings and the upliftment of the local community.

Macaneta Beach Resorts’ vision is to be the first fully sustainable eco-resort on the Macaneta Peninsula that promotes eco-tourism. Its purpose is to attract and educate travelers across the globe on sustainable travel, and to raise awareness on environmental challenges.
Over the last 18 months and in the midst of the pandemic, together with Repensar, we have made considerable headway with realising this vision. The most significant to date is the construction of the Eco-Center.

Other projects that have been initiated and underway include:

Restoration and preservation of the dunes through the planting of more vegetation and trees.
Planting gardens with various rare species of plants and trees.
Replanting of indigenous trees and plants which have been cut down.
Replanting of mangroves to improve restore the quality of the water in the Incomati River and to act as a natural barrier to prevent erosion.
Education and awareness campaigns and programs to educate the local communities especially on the harmful effects of pollution and the fishing of endangered species.
Regular environmental beach and river clean-ups whereby the trash collected is recycled.
An onsite treatment facility for recycling glass waste – Making bricks from recycled glass.
Removal of plastic waste to a recycling facility in the city.
A museum that showcases the trash that has been collected from beach clean-ups to educate the public about the harmful effects of the waste in our oceans.
Erecting a barrier made from tires on banks of the river to prevent the river bank from further eroding and the loss of more land.

What’s still to come:
A media center that provides information and holds events where anyone is free to contribute and to participate in coming up with solutions to address the environmental challenges locally.
A bird sanctuary that attracts a variety of bird species.
The planting of a variety of fruit trees.

We would love to hear if you have any ideas or contributions towards this initiative.

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